Air Sealing Services In Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, OK

Air sealing your attic is one of the most crucial steps to maintaining the temperature of your home. Heat naturally rises to the attic, and air sealing keeps warm air from escaping. We optimize energy efficiency by sealing the parts of the ceiling where warm air is leaking into your attic.

Drafty walls and cracks are the biggest contributors to high electric bills. Sealing the major cracks and openings found in your ceiling will lead to immense energy savings. Our technicians will assess how to best seal your home’s air leaks and identify the areas that are causing the most trouble.

Common areas that are infamous for leaking warm air include electrical outlets and other holes made for running wiring between floors. If you intend on re-insulating your home soon, these areas need to be dealt with before new insulation is installed.