Ventilation Services in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso & OKC

Ventilation is vital to maintaining comfort levels of your home. Polar Bear Jack specializes in home ventilation and would be happy to provide a free estimate on our services.

There are several areas that are easy to overlook when creating ideal ventilation. Often times, your attic, roof, and crawl spaces determine exactly how much ventilation occurs within your home.

Ventilation Services

To control ventilation within your attic, it is vital to invest in attic fans. These fans will allow hot air that naturally rises to the attic to escape from your home.

Soffit vents will also allow the hot air within your home to escape through your roof. Exactly how many vents and what specific style you may need depends on your home, but these vents are a good place to start.

The exact opposite of attics and roofs, crawl spaces should be closed-off as much as possible. Ventilation into your crawl space allows for humidity to gather and causes more bad than good through mold growth.

There are many solutions to controlling ventilation throughout your home. Our trained technicians at Polar Bear Jack specialize in finding the perfect solution for your property. Contact us today for an audit on your home.