Heating Services in Tulsa & Surrounding

If you’re having problems with your furnace system in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, you’ve come to the right place!

Our HVAC Service Process

Polar Bear Jack takes a scientific approach to HVAC. Instead of immediately recommending expensive parts or brand new systems, we take specific measurements of air flow, humidity, air quality and thermal imaging to understand the relationship of your home and the air inside. We then use engineering software to design a system with the best airflow and efficiency for your money. Sometimes this means a much more affordable repair to get the result you want because we address the air problem instead of just the equipment problem.

This is why homes with Polar Bear Jack have lower utility bills!

Our team has decades of experience in fixing, optimizing and installing all heating systems:

Furnace Repair and Furnace Installation: Furnaces distribute warm air throughout your home. In furnaces, air is usually heated by natural gas, oil or propane and is delivered through a ductwork system to control the temperature in your rooms.

Electric Furnace Repair and Installation: Electric-powered furnaces heat air using a power source from your utility, versus a propane or natural gas source. Distributed through a ductwork system, the heat created by an electric furnace reaches your entire home with one system. Polar Bear Jack specializes in installing, replacing, and repairing electric furnace systems.

Geothermal Furnace and Ground-Source Heat Pump Repair and Installation: Geothermal systems take advantage of the consistent ground temperature below earth’s surface. By circulating water around the consistently mild temperatures underground, geothermal ground source systems can concentrate natural heat and distribute it around your home without the use of burning fossil fuels.

Hybrid HVAC System Repair and Installation: Hybrid HVAC systems combine the use of two heat sources: air source and a fuel-burning furnace. These systems take advantage of the most efficient means of energy at the time and have the ability to switch between the heating source. Most systems are automated in selecting between these heat sources, resulting in a hassle-free, less expensive operating cost.

Solar Heating: Solar heaters utilize energy from the sun to offset your need for fossil fuel or electric systems. We specialize in both active and passive systems that drastically reduce your paid energy consumption and have a very long-term, low-maintenance benefit.