If you are looking for a system to increase energy-efficiency with the ability to both heat and cool your home, Polar Bear Jack is here to help you out!

Geothermal heating pumps are an incredibly effective alternative to other forms of heating. While initially a heavy expense, the benefits of this system may be the perfect solution for your home in the long run.

Lucky for you, geothermal heat pumps rely solely on the ground for heating and cooling, allowing for an incredibly efficient system. Pumps in the ground turn liquid into gas, absorbing heat along the way. This gas is eventually processed through heating coils, therefore heating your home. As seasons change, the process actually reverses, allowing for a comfortable home year-round.

Although this system is slightly more expensive due to installation and equipment, geothermal heat pumps pay themselves off quickly since they’re so efficient. If you’d like to explore whether or not geothermal is the way you want to go, please contact Polar Bear Jack. We would love to schedule a home energy audit to determine if this is your perfect fit!