5 Signs You Need HVAC Repair In Tulsa

When your HVAC system is old, it can easily break down or stop working. One minute it’s running smoothly, the next it’s making noises and letting the dust pile up. Don’t get stuck without a proper ventilation system. Learn how to tell when your HVAC system needs professional maintenance. Here are five signs that you might need HVAC repair:

  1. High Utility Bills: When your HVAC system isn’t functioning properly, it requires more energy to keep up with demand. This can overwork your system, causing your energy bills to skyrocket at the extra effort. If you notice an unusual increase in your utility bills, your unit is probably in need of a repair.
  2. Strange Sounds: Out-of-place noises are one of the easiest signs to recognize when your HVAC needs repair. Your HVAC system should be quiet, so when you start to hear buzzing, whirring, rattling, or more, you know something is wrong. Humming could indicate an electrical problem while thumping could be a loose or broken part. When your system gets loud, it’s time to take a look.
  3. HVAC System Turning On and Off: Your HVAC should be running constantly. If your system keeps shutting off and turning back on, there may be a problem with your thermostat. Get a professional to check out your thermostat and see if it needs to be repaired or replaced.
  4. Leaks: Condensation around your HVAC system is normal, but a puddle of water is not. If you find a water leak or pool on the floor coming from your unit, you need to call a professional immediately. Leaks can lead to serious damage, and excess water usually points to multiple problems. Your HVAC system could also be leaking refrigerant or coolant, which is hazardous to your health and should be taken care of as soon as possible.
  5. Dust and Allergies: One of your HVAC system’s most important functions is to improve your home’s indoor air quality. When dust starts to build up around your home, it means there’s a pileup in the system. Your HVAC will spew the unwanted particles into the air if the system is too dirty to get rid of it. These contaminants can be bad for your health and cause your allergies to flare up. When your allergies get triggered, your HVAC system probably needs a repair.

Tulsa HVAC Repair You Can Rely On

If your HVAC starts malfunctioning or won’t work as it should, it may need a quick repair to get up and running again. Polar Bear Jack’s offers outstanding Tulsa HVAC repair services that handle all types of HVAC systems. We are a Tulsa HVAC company you can trust to figure out the problem and find a proper repair solution. If you notice any of these warning signs, don’t hesitate to call us. Our team will be at your door in no time to repair your system.

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